1 – 7a Sansome Street, Worcester, 1874


Image: 2012

Crockets again, must be arranged further apart, and pinnacles must be more lofty when situated at the top of a building or tower, than they would be if the same pinnacle were intended to be near the eye. The same rule holds good with regard to capitals, canopies, and other features that are liable to lose their apparent height by foreshortening.

– James Kellaway Colling: ‘Gothic ornaments, being a series of examples of enriched details and accessories of the architecture of Great Britain. Drawn from existing authorities’, 1850

William Forsyth’s Account Book 1867 – 1895


Image: Account Book of William Forsyth (Stonemason of Worcester), Worcestershire Archives: ref. 989.9:742, BA 8740.

Waterlow & Sons, wholesale and export stationers, account book manufacturers, printers and lithographers, 66 & 67, London Wall; & 49, Parliament Street, Westminster; law stationers & parchment dealers, 24, Birchin Lane, Cornhill.


A selection may be made from a stock of many hundred books, containing nearly every variety of ruling and binding. Special books made to order. The process of binding is superintended with the greatest care, and all the materials most carefully selected, so as to ensure strength and durability.