1 – 7a Sansome Street, Worcester, 1874


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Crockets again, must be arranged further apart, and pinnacles must be more lofty when situated at the top of a building or tower, than they would be if the same pinnacle were intended to be near the eye. The same rule holds good with regard to capitals, canopies, and other features that are liable to lose their apparent height by foreshortening.

– James Kellaway Colling: ‘Gothic ornaments, being a series of examples of enriched details and accessories of the architecture of Great Britain. Drawn from existing authorities’, 1850

With Glee…

05.04.1879 WORCESTER GLEE CLUB. The advent of April denotes the end of the season of the glee clubs, and on Tuesday night last was the closing performance at the Crown Hotel, when the members of the above old-established club turned out in such numbers that the large room was crowded, and the side room was also occupied. During the evening Mr. T. M. Hopkins in a few sentences asked those present to drink to “The health of the Mayor,” who was in the room, and Mr. Holland responded. He then asked the company to drink to the health of Mr. Forsyth, sculptor, who had presented the club with a bust of the late Mr. Allen Wheeler, a gentleman who when alive took a great interest in the club. Mr. Forsyth shortly replied. [Worcestershire Chronicle] Allen Wheeler, 1803-1876, of 32 York Place, Tything of Whistones, surgeon and eldest son of the Rev. Allen Wheeler, Minor Canon of the Cathedral 1799-1851 and Precentor 1820-1851.

The Cross, Worcester (1915)


Image: C.42898. Worcester: The Cross. | Celesque Series / Published by The Photochrom Co., Ltd., London & Tunbridge Wells.


CITY POLICE. MONDAY. OBSTRUCTION BY BETTING MEN. … William Forsyth, Tything …summoned for causing an obstruction at the Cross, on Wednesday last. …the cases against Forsyth and Powell were adjourned in order to enable them to call witnesses. [Worcestershire Chronicle]


CITY POLICE. MONDAY. ANNOYANCE BY BETTING MEN. William Forsyth, Tything… Forsyth called two witnesses, one of whom, named Turner, deposing that he was not on the pavement during the time named by the officer. Forsyth was fined 10s. and costs… [Worcestershire Chronicle]

1873 Littlebury’s Directory & Gazetteer pp 930, 1316, 1323



“Cutting out Patterns for Stencilling for / Holy Trinity Church Shrub Hill / Ditto for Mr Joselands Shop front / Taking up and relaying piping and / repairing drain at Mr Malpas’s Foregate St / Fixing Chimney piece / Memorial Head Stone in Marble with / Stone Plinth / Shelf in freeze Stone” for Frederick Wells, Painter, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


Unspecified work for Frederick Wells, Painter, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


Unspecified work for Frederick Wells, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


RE–OPENING OF THE CATHEDRAL AFTER ITS RESTORATION. The re–opening of the Cathedral… …Decorators: Messrs. Hardman, of Birmingham; and Mr. Wells, of Worcester. Sculptors and carvers: Mr. Forsyth, of Worcester, Mr. Boulton, of Cheltenham; and Messrs. Farmer and Brindley, of Lambeth, London. [Worcestershire Chronicle]


“…Carving executed on new buildings for Mr Stewart / in Pump Street as per estimate supplied to Mr Wells” and “Carving bricks Caps to Shops in High Street and / Pump Street” and “Caps in High Street” and “cutting Compton Buildings” and “cutting name on Mr Shaw’s House” and  “executing 2 Caen Stone Corbel” and “cutting letters on Stone [? Stephen’s Villas]” and “Carving Wood Trusses” for Messrs Dixon Brothers [Hercules Henry Dixon and Thomas John Dixon] Builders and Constructors, of Arboretum.