Imperial Hotel, Great Malvern

Imperial Hotel 1862WF_ImperialHotel2

Image: Post Card. Tilley’s Series. Malvern 9.45am My 11 09 | Dear just a line / to say that I will / come to Wor by / a which leaves / here 11.53 perhaps / you will come to / Foregate St. Station / to meet me / Aunt as not been so well these last / few days. She as a terrible bad / face. / will tell you all / news when I / see you all / with love / to all / from…

THE IMPERIAL HOTEL, MALVERN. The architect is Mr. E. W. Elmslie, a gentleman of high and deserved reputation in his profession. Mr. Thomas Perkins, builder, of Malvern, is the contractor… The whole of the carving in the several principal rooms has been done by Mr. Forsyth, of Worcester, with great taste. [Worcestershire Chronicle]

OUR ENGRAVING. THE IMPERIAL HOTEL, GREAT MALVERN. The magnificent edifice, a view of which forms the subject of the large engraving in our Almanack, is not only a picturesque addition to the charming scenery of Malvern, but a most important addition to the comfort of the traveller and visitor. [Hereford Times]

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