Client: Valentine Baker Pasha



THE MONUMENT TO THE DAUGHTER OF BAKER PASHA. …just completed by Mr. Forsyth, of Worcester… We understand that the memorial will be sent shortly to Cairo, to be placed in the cemetery there. [Worcestershire Chronicle]


“…designing and executing Memorial in / the best sicilian Marble with sculptured lilies / in high relief” for General Baker Pacha [or Pasha] of Cairo, Egypt. Death of Fanny Baker nee Wormald in Egypt 1885, d/o Frank Wormald of Potterton Hall and 1865 w/o Valentine Baker, afterwards known as Baker Pacha, cavalry officer and brother of Sir Samuel White Baker, explorer, traveller and sportsman. Convicted of criminal offence which inspired the 1894 pornographic novel ‘Raped on the Railway: a True Story of a Lady who was first ravished and then flagellated on the Scotch Express’ and dismissed from army in 1875. Later served in the Russo–Turkish war and defended Tashkessan. Entered Egyptian service as Police Commander and served on the intelligence staff of force under Sir Gerald Graham in Egypt, and published works on military service.


MONUMENTAL ART. …handsome monument has just been placed over the family vault in Claines churchyard, to the memory of the late Mr. James Dyson Perrins. … The whole of this work has been carefully carried out by Mr. W. Forsyth, of the Tything; who has also another monument in hand, which will be placed in Worcester Cemetery to the memory of the late Mr. Walter Holland. Mr. Forsyth has also received a commission to execute a monument for the late General Baker Pasha, who died in Egypt, and which will be placed in Cairo cemetery. [Worcestershire Chronicle]

1873 Littlebury’s Directory & Gazetteer pp 930, 1316, 1323



“Cutting out Patterns for Stencilling for / Holy Trinity Church Shrub Hill / Ditto for Mr Joselands Shop front / Taking up and relaying piping and / repairing drain at Mr Malpas’s Foregate St / Fixing Chimney piece / Memorial Head Stone in Marble with / Stone Plinth / Shelf in freeze Stone” for Frederick Wells, Painter, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


Unspecified work for Frederick Wells, Painter, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


Unspecified work for Frederick Wells, Builder and Contractor, of 47 Foregate Street.


RE–OPENING OF THE CATHEDRAL AFTER ITS RESTORATION. The re–opening of the Cathedral… …Decorators: Messrs. Hardman, of Birmingham; and Mr. Wells, of Worcester. Sculptors and carvers: Mr. Forsyth, of Worcester, Mr. Boulton, of Cheltenham; and Messrs. Farmer and Brindley, of Lambeth, London. [Worcestershire Chronicle]


“…Carving executed on new buildings for Mr Stewart / in Pump Street as per estimate supplied to Mr Wells” and “Carving bricks Caps to Shops in High Street and / Pump Street” and “Caps in High Street” and “cutting Compton Buildings” and “cutting name on Mr Shaw’s House” and  “executing 2 Caen Stone Corbel” and “cutting letters on Stone [? Stephen’s Villas]” and “Carving Wood Trusses” for Messrs Dixon Brothers [Hercules Henry Dixon and Thomas John Dixon] Builders and Constructors, of Arboretum.