Rev. W. Poole Hentland Nr. Ross


Image: George E. Fox painted ceiling at St. Catherine’s Church, Hoarwithy ©Caroline Foxhall 05.06.2015


To journey of Self to Hoarwithy Church by request / to take instructions for figures etc. including expenses. Value: £1/01/00


To executing two large Angels in wood as per / Contract £13/10/00 each. £27/00/00 / By your request to take them over to fix / them two mens time. £1/00/10


To two men going to Hoarwithy by your request / to fix Angels and you would not have it done. £1/00/10 / Rail expenses each time. £1/08/00 / Received 9th Jan 1884 £31/10/08.

Welcome to St. Catherine’s Church Hoarwithy. … Prebendary William Poole was appointed vicar of the Parish of Hentland in 1854. In 1870 he inherited the family property of Homend, near Ledbury, and started to beautify the Chapel. … The seasoned oak for the sanctuary stalls came from Poole’s Homend estate and was carved by Harry Hems of Exeter under his close scrutiny. … The Pulpit, similar in shape to the one in Fiesole Cathedral near Florence… The Font belongs to the original chapel. … The Hanging Lamps are copies of those in Saint Mark’s Cathedral, Venice. … The Cathedral of Le Puy in France gave the inspiration for the Church’s interior and some of the mosaics are copied from Saint Vitale at Ravenna in Italy. The outer cloister is like that of Lyon Cathedral, France. … It was intended to decorate the walls in harmony with the roof of which the King Posts and Tie Beams were decorated by George Fox. … The window high up in the apex of the roof, of the ‘Angel of Doom’ is by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. … We hope your visit has been enjoyable.

– St. Catherine’s Church Visitor Leaflet, 05.06.2015

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