Rev. W. Poole Hentland Nr. Ross


Image: George E. Fox painted ceiling at St. Catherine’s Church, Hoarwithy ©Caroline Foxhall 05.06.2015


To journey of Self to Hoarwithy Church by request / to take instructions for figures etc. including expenses. Value: £1/01/00


To executing two large Angels in wood as per / Contract £13/10/00 each. £27/00/00 / By your request to take them over to fix / them two mens time. £1/00/10


To two men going to Hoarwithy by your request / to fix Angels and you would not have it done. £1/00/10 / Rail expenses each time. £1/08/00 / Received 9th Jan 1884 £31/10/08.

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Eastnor Castle




Image #1: The Great Hall, Eastnor Castle, Ledbury. | Photographed & Published by Tilley & Son. Ledbury. Entirely British Production.

Image #2: Eastnor Castle, Ledbury. Residence of Lady Henry Somerset [sic] | Bow 11.30am Au 23 [08?] | My dear Minnie / I hope you are not dreadfully cross / for my not having written to you before. / Thank you very much for the long / & interesting letter I am very sorry / that I conveyed to you in my last / P.C that I was cross. I was not / in the least so but a trifle worried / & upset. Why do you mention Miss / Westerway in your letter to me? I / am not her satellite. I beg you / to understand, far from it. How / ever did it come about that / [] see has has gone with her to Paris, / it is the first I have heard / about it. I have, of course, heard / from my my daughter, I was not | altogether pleased with her letter. / I have constantly heard from / Dollie & Alice I have also had / letters from Winnie Howlett & Nellie / what a little time we have left / I have hardly begun my work / I do not know I shall / get it done. am glad you are / having a jolly time. / Love from Lucy.

Image #3: The Drawing Room, Eastnor Castle, Ledbury. | Photographed & Published by Tilley & Son. Ledbury. Entirely British Production.


Concert at Eastnor Castle…the beautifully carved capitals in the purest alabaster which are being chiselled in the best taste by Mr. Forsyth, of Worcester, and from designs by the noble Earl himself. We say being done, because the work which is one of great extent, has only just been commenced under the personal direction of the noble Earl. [Hereford Journal]